Sunday, 1 March 2009

Morning of the Race

Well, the day has finally arrived! I am just getting ready for the race which starts in just over a couple of hours time. I came through from Edinburgh on Friday night with my trainers and a selection of running gear items but I had the feeling I had forgotten something which I realised later was my Race number. Phone call to the Race organisers eventually stopped the flurry of calls regarding the logistics of retrieving the number from my Capital abode.

Last night Race prep started with an ale in true RAW (Marty, DQ and Pirate Boy) style but being as this my first Race I didn't make my way on to the Vino Tinto Collapso.

Now, I have to admit, I am nervous. I could write something stronger than nervous but will stick with that. Coach DQ is not impressed with my thoughts regarding final Race preparations. Apparently, what should I wear, should I get fake tan for my legs or what should I do if I trip are really not the typical running concerns that I should be having at this late stage.

So, time for a shower, final decision on outfit and then we are off to sunny Maybole, I WISH. Forecast is for heavy showers throughout the morning, but I don't care as I have waterproof mascara. I will complete this race either by running, walking or crawling. Dario would be proud.

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