Friday, 20 February 2009

starting to feel nervous

the 5km is only a week on Sunday and to my surprise i am starting to feel nervous. I think completing this 5km is more important to me than i thought it would be.

I managed a 5km again on the treadmill during the week but i went on the treadmill the next day i nearly faceplanted the treadmill as my left leg just went dead on me. i just hope my legs rise to the challenge on the day.

after the 5km i need to start my training for the half marathon i have signed up for July. It is on the Island of Barra which is just across the water from the Isle of South Uist where all my family are from. i am looking forward to the weekend and it will be a beautiful route to run but it is 13 miles with hills and constant wind in your race so i will need to nip the drinkies in the bud and step up the weekly mileage.

1 comment:

Silke said...

Good luck with your 5K. I hope you will enjoy the experience.

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