Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The next race.....

Thank you to Davie for the piccie on his blog. It is a strange picture as I have a look of concentration that I could almost pass for a runner!! The picture above was taken with my medal which I didn't take off for the next few hours and is now proudly hanging from my bookshelf.
Tonight I was talking to Andrew the organiser of the Berneray 10K which I am planning as my next race. It is on 11th July. It starts at 2pm as part of the route is on the beach so needs to be at low tide. It is a mixture of terrain with machair track, tarmac, grass and beach.
Berneray is a small island off North Uist which I have never visited. I have been going to South Uist where my family are from since I was a baby, often two or three times a year but yet to my shame I have never visited many of the islands close by. Normally, I am busy catching up with family or attending a three day wedding in which case a road trip is the last thing you fancy doing!!!
So I have signed up to double my distance in just under 4 weeks!! What am I doing? I know the next step up the running ladder is a 10K but probably I should give myself more time and a straight forward city tarmac route. I suspect I have been associating with ultra runners too long and the mentality of taking on challenges and pushing yourself is rubbing off.
I warned Andrew this evening that my previous is a 5K at 30 minutes so I might be a wee bit longer than the record holder of 34 mins. He has very kindly agreed to wait for me.
Currently, Mark is deciding whether to join me. I am wondering whether to request that he runs with me to help me get to the finish but that is selfish of me as it will not be much fun for him plus do I want to finish the race all by my own effort. I don't know as just now my head is constantly on WHWR preparations so I will need to think it over next week.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Vale of Leven 5K

Well, I might just be a true runner as I made my run with my hangover on Wednesday and then I ran to work on the Thursday. Friday and Saturday the trainers got a rest while I prepared for my second ever race - Vale of Leven 5k. Given my two weeks training in my new insoles I was concerned that I was not going to be able to beat my PB of 34 minutes.

The route seemed and was very forgiving but sadly the on the day the weather was not. It was hot and my feet complained all the way round. In my traditional style of ill race preparation I didn't carry any water so was running round gasping for a drink although at least DQ didn't have to provide socks like last time.

I made it in 30 minutes which put me 53rd out of 122 runners. Not great but at least it was faster than my previous. I was going to put up my piccie but my phone has been taken to the phone hospital. So you just have to imagine me wearing a medal with a big red face!

From reading the blogs it seems a few family members were also in attendance but I didn't see anyone which is a shame but then again the 10k and 5k were kept separate so that is probably why.

During the same weekend the Lovely Lee and her team did brilliantly and completed the Caley Challenge. What an achievement and I can't wait to see her at the race next weekend to give her a huge well done hug!!!

As a result of the hot feet I took a jaunt up to run and become at lunchtime for socks and as I was reviewing the sock collection I heard a familiar voice. Mr Drummond was in buying trainers. It was lovely to see him and he advised me to save my money and get my socks at Tesco - right in front of Adrian - only Jim!!

The race is only a few days away and I am starting to get concerned that I have got everything that I need. Of course this year I need to pack a lipgloss and at least ten change of outfits as the BBC Adventure show are going to be based at Kinlochleven. My better half is used to media attention but I am not so sure. I am going to encourage only ultra runners to be in front of the camera and then there is no risk of me being on.

Anyway I really should be getting some shut eye as I am up early to run to work and I want to avoid the angry commuters. Last week I nearly lost an eye to a women and her brolly as she stomped her way to work with that lovely look of sooking lemons.

It is very muggy here in Edinburgh so too warm to sleep well but hey it is good training for the weekend.....

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

am I a true runner?

so am I really a runner?

I went out after work tonight to meet the girls who I went last year golfing to La Manga with. Vino was ordered and consumed but I have arranged to meet a work colleague for a run at lunchtime tomorrow.........

If I manage to run tomorrow then I know I am heading in the direction of runnerville. I will email Ken in the morning to confess to my consumption of the beautiful grape juice and he will show no mercy!

In the meantime the preparation for the WHWR is in full swing. I am on the phone to Dario most days going over the final details. It all seems in hand but with the WHWR you can never tell. I have been involved since 2002 and every year has been different. I am so looking forward to it.

Monday, 8 June 2009

quote of the year

On Saturday I went for my follow up appointment to the orthotic clinic in Ayr to review my insoles and settle the bill. I explained that so far I have experienced no pain in my shins so I was very pleased. I explained that on my left foot I was tender on my outer sole which was eased by rubbing it over a cold bottle. Mr Shaw who has a silly amount of letters after his name said he was not surprised as

"your feet are not the best for running"

this is exactly what a person wants to hear when a) they have signed up for three races over the next 6 weeks and b) is about to pay £300 so they can 'run'

However, I have decided that any races I do complete will be even more special as I have managed to finish despite my biomechanical difficulties, public transport feet and voice in my head that tells me that the shops are open and wanting me to visit......

Although it does make wonder whether I should dig out my bike from the garage.......

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Running to work

so the alarm went off early this morning and just before I hit the snooze button I remembered my trainers were sitting by the front door like a child waiting for santa to come to town (sorry about the Christmas reference but we are arranging our Christmas lunch at work just now so the man in red is in my mind!)

So, I gathered together my work clothes, towel and wash bag plus usual handbag goodies such as purse and phone. It was midway I realised my little cute rucksack was going to look more stuffed than a MP's expenses claim so I dug out my big rucksack. By the time I leave the flat when everyone else is still in the land of nod I look like an army wannabe!

Now I must confess I didn't run the entire distance as by the the time I got the the Cowgate part of the city, about 2 miles in, I walked as my legs were aching. I then got to the grassmarket, about 0.5 miles and ran all the way to work. By the time I was near work I was feeling quite good so I am annoyed that I walked some of the way.

Overall I was glad I ran to work as it was quicker than the bus plus fellow runners said hello which has not happened in Edinburgh before. It must all us hard core west coasters out pre 8am!!

After a long day at work I headed to Harvey Nic's with a friend as they were hosting a summer party. There was champers and wine on offer so thanks to no dinner and being up early I was giggling after just one glass! I bought some Japanese Pickled Ginger mayo and Chanel lip gloss.

Overall, it has been a lovely day only improved if I got
to go home to Mark but we live opposite sides of the
country so that is that. I really miss him. It sometimes still makes me laugh that after years of looking upon the West Highland Way runners as 'freaks' who have never heard of public transport to get about that I go and fall in love with one but I am so glad I did.

Monday, 1 June 2009

back in trainers

at long last I am back running!!!! Since my last blog which was at least a million years ago I have been fitted with my insoles and I have now worn them enough that I could start to run in them over the weekend. I managed 1.5 miles on Saturday morning along Prestwick beach then on Sunday 3 miles in Arthur Seat. So far so good and the shins felt no pain whatsoever so maybe the £300 has been worth it!!

Due to my forced running break and the fact that I could only find my way to shops and bars instead of the gym my legs are complaining today. So, since I was walking gingerly in the office I decided that I would randomly mention the marathon in the hope that people would think 26.2 miles caused me to walk the way rather than risk that rumour to start again.....

So in my new found joy of getting into my Mizuno's ( thanks to Run and Become in Edinburgh for the top notch advice) I have signed up for:

  • a 5K at the Lomond Shores on 14th June

  • a 10k on the Isle of Berneray on 11th July as Mark and I are going to Uist that weekend so figured may as well try my first 10k on a wind blown island with a race field of around 30 just so I can have a chance to win the last runner prize!

  • The rat race in Edinburgh on Saturday 18th July which is at least 10K of running like a nutter round the streets of Edinburgh. My fellow rats are Dario and Karen D. Our team name is Happy Days in honour of George Reid. Everytime I see George during races and training runs he has a massive smile and say's Happy Days so I am hoping to gain inspiration from the great man.

I am planning to run to work tomorrow as I have to work late so will not manage tomorrow night. Thanks to the joy of tram works in our fine capital it takes me nearly an hour to cross the city by bus so I am hoping my mechanically challenged limbs will be faster.

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