Monday, 16 March 2009

Woolie hats

so it would seem that the princess is out of fashion when it comes to running in Edinburgh. On Saturday and again after work today I went for a run on Queen's drive in Holyrood park and on both occasions I seemed to be the only runner not wearing a woolie hat!

No, I was the only one wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Everyone else was wearing leggings, at least two layers on top, gloves and of course a woolie hat.

It seems the ladies and gents of our fine capital only go out running in gear that anyone living in Alaska would be envious of. Of course there is also the technology behind the materials these runners are kitted out in. Two of the ladies out jogging that I passed had more scientifically advanced wicking, wind resistant and altitude adaptable outfits than the entire WHWR family members put together on race day!!!!

I am of course jealous to the core and I too wish I could purchase my running attire from Harvey Nic's but 2009 is the year of 'Money Better Spent.' So I will continue to run in my hardcore Glaswegian style of shorts and tee shirt!!

Talking of Money Better Spent I have just managed to secure accommodation for the Barrathon. Mark will be happy as it was getting to the stage of tent on the beach. Mark and I have agreed that when we go away for his races that he organises everything and vice versa. Well, considering that I turned up to the 5K with no race number, socks, trackie bottoms to keep warm in or any pre race nibbles I think Mark is more nervous about coming with me to Barrathon than I am about running it. Hey ho maybe all these miles I will rack up in training I will learn to focus the mind - then again.....

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