Sunday, 1 March 2009

Princess crosses the finish line.... 34 mins so I am a happy princess and DQ is a proud coach

I started in the middle of the pack but even a few hundred metres in people were walking so i moved my way forward. I kept the head down and just ran and before I knew it i had ran uphill, outside and in the drizzle and at the 2km point after 12 mins. Prior to the race I thought I was being ambitious at a 50 min finish so i thought i better slow the pace and keep energy in reserve. So I slowed the pace and i did walk for a few metres at the 3km point but that was more to stretch out my left leg which was feeling a little tight.

I made it over the finish line in 34 minutes which is a lot faster than I expected and i wonder if I didn't look at my watch after the 2km would i have been able to get an even faster time. I do now feel like a runner and not because i have a race tee shirt and medal but because afterwards i am calculating how to improve performance and plan my next race!!!

Thanks to Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland for organising the race and thanks to everyone for all the support I have had for my first steps into running

Please see the attached photo which shows me and race merchanise that I have actually earned by running and not just timing other people running


Subversive Runner said...

Excellent stuff, Dino. Hope to see you on the 7th at the Striders Dance.

WHW Runner said...

well done Geraldine - absolutely delighted for you. Welcome to the Runners Club! Ian

Lee Maclean said...

Good going missy, well done.

Gutted that Barra is full. Could have been a RAW reunion giggle ;-)

Mrs Mac x

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Woohoo! Big high five! xx

Silke said...

Well done!
Which race is next?! :-)
Enjoy the achievement!

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