Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I have just entered the Dingle Marathon

I have yet to even complete a 10k race

A marathon is 26.2 miles

It is on a tough course along the Irish coast with hills

Mind you I can already taste the pint of glorious Guinness at the finish

It will be grand

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

DQ jumping in

The Runner has been living up to her name, AND has been doing a lot of WHW Race stuff so I am going to keep you up to date.

The Runner has been making all the right noises recently. She has become fixated with time. No matter how often you say time does not matter at this stage still she is checking her watch. On the few occasions that she has allowed herself to just run she seems to have enjoyed the experience.

The girl that was walking "a bit" in 5k races is now running 5 miles and seems to be getting a bit of buzz out of the fact that she can. I think that some of the credit for this should go to her Coach S(a)tan Bland. He has the touch and sensitivity that I obviously don't. Well done mate. The prep for "Run with the Wind" 10k is going very well and think she is going to shock herself at just how well she does. I now don't think that I will have to bring my sleeping bag to wait for her at the finish.

The Runner will be taking her first run on the West Highland Way on Saturday. She is spending a night in a poncy Hotel on Saturday but before I drop her off we shall wiggle our bottoms from Tyndrum down to St. Fillians and back. This will be The Runner's longest run to date, so major achievement on both fronts. She will be treated to a slap up feed in the Real Food Cafe to celebrate. Hope the day is as nice as the one that the Glee Club had on Saturday past. I would love her to see the route in those conditions.

The other big thing on the horizon is the West Highland Way Walk at Easter. The WHW Race Forum had quite a run on debate regarding whether to carry racksacs or not. I am afraid that I am totally and utterly in the "you must make it as hard as possible" camp. The Runner is of course very pleased about this. Accommodation is booked. Stops will be Balmaha, Bein Glas, Bridge of Orchy, Kinlochleven and Fort Bill. Long days for someone who hasn't done this kind of thing before so can I urge you to give the little Lady whatever you can afford as she is going to earn it.

Waterproofs have been bought, but she has to get footwear and rucksac. On the Footwear front, does anyone have any advice, opinion or suggestions?

Hopefully next report will be from herself.

DQ (personal secretary to Runner in the City)

Monday, 5 October 2009

I actually have been running....

yes, I actually have been running!!!!

Not very far or very fast but I have been out and about the streets of Edinburgh and Prestwick clad in shorts and trainers putting one foot in front of the other in a running type motion.

Yesterday, I managed to run 4 miles in one go. It took me 46 minutes but I am surprised and pleased I did not walk at any point. There is hope that I might finish the Run with the Wind without keeping Stan in his shorts for over two hours!

The plan for this week is to keep up the 4 mile distance by running to work tomorrow and running home from work on Thursday. On Saturday I might try 5 miles but that needs to be agreed by my coach.

On happy running news - Ally B did brilliantly in Loch Ness 5K - those shoes are a coming.....

On long distance news - I am going to be walking the West Highland Way over Easter 2010. This is the extract from the WHWR forum message that I posted:

The Royal Couple on Tour

The WHWR Princess and WHWR Drama Queen are going to walk the West Highland Way in 5 days over Easter 2010.

There will be many royal tantrums and hissy fits but I am sure DQ will get there in the end!

The walk is in memory of Dario. Dario always wanted to show me the route but we never seemed to have the time to fit it in. In his honour I am making the time and although I am nervous as I have only 6 months toprepare from scratch, I am really looking forward to finally seeing first hand what all the fuss is about!!

To celebrate Dario's encouragement of running I am hoping to raise some money for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. My first ever race was a CHSS sponsored 5k and I will never forget how chuffed Dario was when I phoned him to tell I made it over the finish line.

As a tribute to how Dario and I became friends all donations will be thanked with a Twix bar.

Please go to or contact me on email address.

Thank youGeraldineWHWR Princess

Anyway, enough from me as it is getting late and I have my running gear to get ready for the morning, me being a runner and all that........

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