Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Running to work

so the alarm went off early this morning and just before I hit the snooze button I remembered my trainers were sitting by the front door like a child waiting for santa to come to town (sorry about the Christmas reference but we are arranging our Christmas lunch at work just now so the man in red is in my mind!)

So, I gathered together my work clothes, towel and wash bag plus usual handbag goodies such as purse and phone. It was midway I realised my little cute rucksack was going to look more stuffed than a MP's expenses claim so I dug out my big rucksack. By the time I leave the flat when everyone else is still in the land of nod I look like an army wannabe!

Now I must confess I didn't run the entire distance as by the the time I got the the Cowgate part of the city, about 2 miles in, I walked as my legs were aching. I then got to the grassmarket, about 0.5 miles and ran all the way to work. By the time I was near work I was feeling quite good so I am annoyed that I walked some of the way.

Overall I was glad I ran to work as it was quicker than the bus plus fellow runners said hello which has not happened in Edinburgh before. It must all us hard core west coasters out pre 8am!!

After a long day at work I headed to Harvey Nic's with a friend as they were hosting a summer party. There was champers and wine on offer so thanks to no dinner and being up early I was giggling after just one glass! I bought some Japanese Pickled Ginger mayo and Chanel lip gloss.

Overall, it has been a lovely day only improved if I got
to go home to Mark but we live opposite sides of the
country so that is that. I really miss him. It sometimes still makes me laugh that after years of looking upon the West Highland Way runners as 'freaks' who have never heard of public transport to get about that I go and fall in love with one but I am so glad I did.


Davie said...

Hmm, maybe you are better off being on he other side of the country. Nice guy that he is, it also means you are on the other side of the country from all the sweaty, stinky training gear!
That is the downside all running wives and sweathearts(Sic) have to put up with.

Subversive Runner said...


Lee Maclean said...

Awwww that’s adorable. Brought a wee tear to my eye.
All that, and I've just been referred to as a 'spluttering old banger'
Can you love me too please?

Mrs Mac xox

Mark said...

And I Love you too Snookie Bear.

As you know, it isn't just the gear that smells after a run. SOmetimes it is me as well. And yet, you still don't say "bugger off". Love right enough.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I was just gushing and thinking how cute are you guys...until I read the Snookie Bear bit. WTF? :-) That could come back to haunt you. What do you call Mark??

I say all those lovely things to Marco too. He just doesn't hear me.

See you soon, Snookie Bear.


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