Monday, 8 June 2009

quote of the year

On Saturday I went for my follow up appointment to the orthotic clinic in Ayr to review my insoles and settle the bill. I explained that so far I have experienced no pain in my shins so I was very pleased. I explained that on my left foot I was tender on my outer sole which was eased by rubbing it over a cold bottle. Mr Shaw who has a silly amount of letters after his name said he was not surprised as

"your feet are not the best for running"

this is exactly what a person wants to hear when a) they have signed up for three races over the next 6 weeks and b) is about to pay £300 so they can 'run'

However, I have decided that any races I do complete will be even more special as I have managed to finish despite my biomechanical difficulties, public transport feet and voice in my head that tells me that the shops are open and wanting me to visit......

Although it does make wonder whether I should dig out my bike from the garage.......


Subversive Runner said...

Pah!! Who's this mug, Mr Shaw? And WTF does he know anyway???

WHW Runner said...

Great comment! Nothing like telling your customers just what they don't want to hear!

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