Monday, 1 June 2009

back in trainers

at long last I am back running!!!! Since my last blog which was at least a million years ago I have been fitted with my insoles and I have now worn them enough that I could start to run in them over the weekend. I managed 1.5 miles on Saturday morning along Prestwick beach then on Sunday 3 miles in Arthur Seat. So far so good and the shins felt no pain whatsoever so maybe the £300 has been worth it!!

Due to my forced running break and the fact that I could only find my way to shops and bars instead of the gym my legs are complaining today. So, since I was walking gingerly in the office I decided that I would randomly mention the marathon in the hope that people would think 26.2 miles caused me to walk the way rather than risk that rumour to start again.....

So in my new found joy of getting into my Mizuno's ( thanks to Run and Become in Edinburgh for the top notch advice) I have signed up for:

  • a 5K at the Lomond Shores on 14th June

  • a 10k on the Isle of Berneray on 11th July as Mark and I are going to Uist that weekend so figured may as well try my first 10k on a wind blown island with a race field of around 30 just so I can have a chance to win the last runner prize!

  • The rat race in Edinburgh on Saturday 18th July which is at least 10K of running like a nutter round the streets of Edinburgh. My fellow rats are Dario and Karen D. Our team name is Happy Days in honour of George Reid. Everytime I see George during races and training runs he has a massive smile and say's Happy Days so I am hoping to gain inspiration from the great man.

I am planning to run to work tomorrow as I have to work late so will not manage tomorrow night. Thanks to the joy of tram works in our fine capital it takes me nearly an hour to cross the city by bus so I am hoping my mechanically challenged limbs will be faster.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Welcome back to running Geraldine. Fingers crossed that you have some good injury free miles ahead of you.

Of course, in my current state of craziness, you won't be too surprised when I suggest that you ought to try barefoot running. ;-) Because you have *zero* artificial cushioning, it really does teach you how to run gently. Beg, borrow or steal "Born to Run".

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