Thursday, 27 November 2008

What do I have to say about the last post?

Miss Negativity 2008 is at it again. Let's put things into prespective.

Geraldine, due to a nasty injury and because of work, has not taken any exercise in roughly a year. We all know how quickly fitness disappears, and how hard it is to re-gain it. The first steps towards fitness are undoubtedly the hardest ones of all. You will be unable to do very much. You will remember what you used to be able to do. You will still get of the physical pain associated with using muscles that have been idle, and there will also be the mental torture not being physically where you want to be.

I think most of us have been in a similair position at some point. I know I have. I know how depressing it is.

Chin up Honey. Everytime you exercise you will get a little fitter, a little healthier and a little more towards this body image that you so obviously desire.

Nothing worthwhile ever came easily. Whomever said it they were very, very wise.

Coach DQ

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