Monday, 17 November 2008

And so it begins

My name is Geraldine and I have a lot of goodies from running events.

I have never run at an event.

I don't run.

I watch people running.

I don't run.

I am on running committees.

I don't run.

Until now............

I, Geraldine, have signed up to undertake a 10k on the 1st March 2009.

For the West Highland Way Family 10k it is not even a warm up but 10K is a long distance to someone used to get their drinks served at their table.

So, you may wonder why I have signed up to become one of the running people. I could say it is to gain a sense of achievement and create a goal in my life but Nike sponsor the event so I reckon the goodies will be top notch.

Now, you may wonder why dont I do my usual and volunteer to assist and gain all the goodies that way, but I have decided to see if a tee-shirt earned feels better than a tee-shirt given due to my outstanding ability to keep an eye on the clock. Plus, if I start running it is an excuse to buy new footwear!!

So now I am on the 10k start list. All I need to do is start running........

1 comment:

Subversive Runner said...

How about a tee-shirt stolen.....from the box at the end of RAW???

Good on you Dino.

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