Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Not a good start

Last night I thought - Geraldine you have the race booked and you have the blog but you have not ran any distance. So I thought i will head to the gym after work today. One small problem - I don't have any running shoes.

At this first hurdle I immediately contacted my coach DQ. After several comments involving rude words and

- what do you mean you don't have running shoes

- how can you not have running shoes when you own over a hundred pairs

- only you would sign up to run a 10K when you don't even have the only essential item

- you tried to end my dream those years ago, you tried to stop me running to the end and you don't even have the footwear to run the length of yourself

It was decided that I need to go to a running shop and purchase running shoes.

Now normally when i go shopping for shoes, which is as often as my bank manager allows, I have an outfit mind but i am not sure what i am going to be wearing at the 10K . Hopefully the trainer i need will be interchangable with whatever running gear i purchase.

Imagine the horror of mis-matching footwear and shorts. Although saying that, it might make me run faster as i will just be horrified at not having the right looking ensemble. You can take the girl out of Harvey Nic's but you can't erase the Harvey Nic's philosophy

1 comment:

WHW Runner said...

Geraldine, great to hear you are doing the 10k! I'm sure Adrian will keep you right for shoes - might even have a few trendy looking pairs.. Look forward to reading about your progress. Ian

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