Monday, 12 April 2010

From snow to sunshine

What a difference in just over a week.....

Mark in snow on 31 March on the West Highland Way outside Drymen to.....

Geraldine in the sunshine walking up Arthur's
seat in Edinburgh yesterday...
The weather is not the only difference. I am feeling a lot better about the FT (failed trip) and this has a lot to do with the unbelievable love and support that everyone has shown me. Comments on my blog, texts and words of comfort from work colleagues have really helped me. Today, I was blown away by the generosity and kindness of George Reid. George and Karen made up charity boxes that were at registration at the D33 ultra race( plus the proceeds of the race were donated. This donation of over £200 means that Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland are going to receive over £1,000 in sponsorship in memory of Dario.
I am so touched but I am not surprised as George is an amazing, wonderful person who I am honoured to call a close friend. When I get down about not getting to Fort William and beat myself up over it, I think about what a waste of time and energy that is and instead I should spend my time thinking about how lucky I am to have people like George in my life.
That is the one lasting legacy of Dario and the thing I am very thankful for, is the kind and loving band of people he introduced me to. Ultrarunning has made me lucky enough to meet people like George and Karen, Ian and Ally, Tim and Muriel, Dave and Lee, Jez, Lucy, Ritchie, Keith, Norm, Ellen and Murdo, Stan the man, the list goes on and on of wonderful, lovely people whose path it would have been very unlikely I would have passed as we all live in different parts of the country, varying ages, work in a range of areas and mix in an assortment of social groups. That is what I love about ultra running is that your background does not matter, where you go to work on a Monday does not come into it, what counts is whether you can run over 26.2 miles, make the soup not too hot or cold and bang on schedule or know how to man a checkpoint....
Since my thighs were one of my major problems on the FT, I joined Bannatynes gym. My membership allows me to use any Bannatynes gym in Scotland so I have no excuse not to go when I am at Mark's. However, my signing up has met with signs of frustration from Mr H himself. Mark seems to be distressed that I was at Aqua aerobics on Thursday night, and he is concerned about how I will get to the finish line of the Dingle marathon in September splashing about at what he thinks should not even be called an exercise class. He does have a point but I am intending to only use Aqua as a low impact fun way to loosen up the limbs on a Thursday night.
Talking of the marathon Mark has been suggesting weekly mileages that I should be reaching between now and the 4th September - the big day. Now what I am debating about is using this blog in a JK style (, that is record what I intend to run and write up a post run report. I will not be producing graphs as that is far too technical for me but JK is a successful runner so maybe his public training diary is the way forward. I am wondering whether the miles being published will motivate me to run as I do not want to have publish a post full of excuses. I do find it hard to go out running. This is partly because it hurts but also because I hate the fact that I am not running hard and long. Any motivational tips are very welcome plus any suggestions on how to use this blog to get over the finish line in Dingle before Mark drinks all the Guinness


Subversive Runner said...

Hey babe, do whatever you need to do with your blog- training log/diary/tales of drunken stupidity. Glad you've emerged from the cloudiness of the FT and see it for what it was- no big deal. You've got it in you, babe and it will come out when the time is right. You're still the same gorgeous, lovely person that everyone loves.xx

John Kynaston said...

Go for it Geraldine!

When I started my blog writing it all down did motivate me to get out on a number of runs. Now it's just part of the run but it really helps me to feel accountable for what I'm doing if only to myself.

For what it's worth I would try it (ie using your blog as a training diary)and if it helps then fine. If it becomes a bit of a burden stop.

I do know though, that I for one will enjoy following your progress and I'm sure there are lots of others who will do the same.

Plus you will inspire others to have a go as you share your experiences which is something else that Dario was very keen on.

Anyway glad you read you are felling better about the trip. When we ran over Conic Hill on Sunday we were chatting about your walk and saying how tough it was to be in that weather compared to ours!!

Keith Hughes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keith Hughes said...

Nice one Dino - back amongst it .. We need to get out soon .. Will get my act together and we can do a nice trot..
Love your work - KH
PS - The reason you have such friends is because who you are - a top chick and Race Princess !

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