Tuesday, 20 April 2010

From Harvey Nic's to tents.....

where did it all go wrong? Until recently my idea of 'roughing it' when travelling was staying somewhere that was not en-suite and no room service was available now I am soon to be the proud owner of a Sprayway Gorge 4 tent
Many hours have been spent looking up tents and I was pretty much going for a sturdy, very stable expedition tent with only minimal storage space so you could carry it on your back (correction Mark could carry,) but then while Mark and I were visiting the tent shop I spotted a 'family' tent that you could stand up in, contained a separate bedroom and a large porch. Immediately, I was picturing drinks and nibbles in the porch and I was hooked.

My final decision was not made until Sunday night when I found the above tent as it has a higher water resistance that the tent that was viewed earlier plus a larger hosting area. I am hoping the tent will arrive in time for the Cateran race so Mark and I can test it out and I can host a tent warming party!!!!

Mark already has sleeping bags, we are the proud owners of a camping chef (two burners plus grill) and a powerbox that keeps food / drink warm or cold so now we need to purchase table and chairs. I am also thinking a bar unit so I can make up camping cocktails

oh la la camping here I come

PS I have never slept in a tent before, stayed on a campsite and I only stayed in a hostel for the first time last year and I took my dettol with me

PPSS Mark wants to make it clear that this tent business was nothing to do with him. Mark kept out of the decision as he said he doesn't want a tent pole shoved somewhere the light doesn't shine when I completely lose the plot trying to pitch it for the first time


Lee Maclean said...

You go girl!!
What time for cocktails?
Camping rocks :-)

However I have to say the 4 poster I slept in at the weekend was rather special.

Amy said...

I like the tent it is so cute. I want to have one too.


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