Wednesday, 23 September 2009

the dangers of chocolate treats....

What can I say but I hope my race organising transpires to be a little better than my blogging....

I can't believe it has been a month since my last confession!

Since my holiday report in August quite a lot has happened in my world of ultra distance running.

When Dario passed away my initial reaction was that the race goes on and it will go on but the huge reality of the undertaking has been hitting me in bursts. Sean and I only managed to meet up a few weeks ago and just before I was having a major wobble. The race means so much to so many I was terrified that I would not get it right and risk people achieving their goal that they worked so hard for. I do worry that I am not the correct person for the race committee but then Jim Drummond, a race legend, tells me the race is in good hands and I feel that maybe just maybe we can pull it off, although it will not be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

There has been endless offers of support and that is what makes the race so special. Knowing that the race committee can lean on so many people gives me a sense of comfort and this was demonstrated by the words of encouragement at the Adventure show preview.

The show was fantastic and Triple Echo the production company have made a great film that shows the race in its full glory.

River Ayr Way Race
Back again for the race that brought together two of my favourite people( Subversive Runner and Mrs Mac). The race was good although I have been officially sacked as Mark's back up.

Apparently, I should stick to marshalling as that is all I care about. Last year I did give away his last mars bar and this year I ate his bounty. In my defence I did not have time to stop for lunch due to a major road accident blocking to road to the next checkpoint but still it was his lovely coconut chocolate delight.

Being back up is pants though. It really is hanging about for a glimpse at your loved one looking like a pile of crap, moaning their head off and then looking indignant when you suggest they call it a day. Although saying that I did get to share tunnocks teacakes with Lee and Stan and catch up with the Downies and George so maybe I should book up a lesson with Ally B on how back up should be done!!

Commonwealth Championships, Keswick
For my 30th birthday my Mum arranged a girlie weekend in Keswick with my aunt and cousin. It transpired to be the same weekend of the championship. Unfortunately, I did not manage to catch any of the action as we didn't arrive in Keswick until late in the afternoon, and it would have been a tad rude to my travel companions if I deserted them to watch so instead we toddled off to the pub to celebrate my entry into the third decade of my existence.

While I was in the ladies I noticed two ladies wearing Team Bragg tee shirts. I enquired if they were connected to Jez Bragg and it transpired to be none other than his Mum and aunt. Both were in top form and beaming with pride about Jez's victory. Jez was in bar and his usual lovely down to earth way. So, I managed to combine being a ultra distance runner groupie while in a drinking establishment - multi tasking at its best!

Run with the Wind

High on sugar from the tunnocks teacakes mentioned above Stan, the nicest man in the world, has agreed to run with me at the Run with the Wind 10k at Strathaven on 1st November. Stan has also agreed to coach me as the furthest I have ran is 5k. So far, I have only managed a couple of runs due to the drinking and running celebrity spotting weekend described above. This does not bode well for Stan or the marshalls, who will be getting cold at the finish waiting for me to stumble across the finish line swearing off tunnocks teacakes for life! Still, I do have 5 weeks to prepare........


Davie said...

Yeh, right. You just happen to be in a bar with Jez!
And what happened to my mensh at the RAW. Wasn't I there? Huff!

Word verification for this post is AVOIDS. I'll take the hint!

stanb said...

Motivation by teacakes, a tunnock for every mile at Straven

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