Wednesday, 8 July 2009

bullet points

I think I can safely say that I am rubbish at maintaining a blog. It has been quite a while since I lasted posted and quite a lot of running connected events have occurred. So to limit me rabbiting on as I have a plane to Uist to catch tomorrow morning I am going to relay the information in bullet points:
  • Mark completed the WHWR in under 24 hours
  • I have only managed a few runs as been off work with viral / cold thing
  • My Mum and Dad have decided that being back up for an ultra runner is the new going out
  • The lovely Lee become a 'runner'
  • Mark has binned the role as my running coach - the reasons given I could not make out from his mumbling and cursing under his breath
  • I am not going to be able to run the 10K on Sunday as only managed 3 miles at the weekend and even then a golfer from the Old Links course at Prestwick nearly offered me a lift on his golf caddy
  • My Dad carpeted his van in preparation for being back up at the WHWR which Mark rudely did not use
  • The weather meant I had a very easy job as race control at the WHWR
  • I am considering auditioning for a new running coach with the main criteria - appearance in shorts and I don't mean me
  • Found out at the WHWR that Davie's in laws are friends of the family from Helensburgh Highlanders
  • Oh did I mention Mark has ditched his role as my running coach
  • Dario has done his usual and increased race numbers without consulting me
  • Got a lovely hug from Keith at post race BBQ
  • My Mum has appointed herself as Mark's support commander in chief as she as seen how it is done and thinks he is a tad amateur in his approach to his running - her exact words were"I am going to take that boy in hand" - only hitch is that Mark is not running WHWR next year

So I think I covered most to the happenings. Race reports and pictures of the very enjoyable Beattie post race BBQ are available at

Finally, my apologies for the almost business like approach to my blog this evening but I am still in the clearing your desk prior to going on holiday mode from work and I have yet to have my pre-holiday glass of wine!!!


Lee Maclean said...

Have a great holiday missy.
Now that your cold and all that running nonsense is out of the way.... when are we going camping?!?
We've got a serious date with a big bottle of pink bubbles.

Luv yas,

ps I have a suggestion for an excellently qualified coach who'd fit the "looks good in shorts" crieteria.
No names no pack drill. ;-)


Subversive Runner said...

What d'ya mean Dario didn't consult you?? Surely you're on the 'commitee'??? ;-)xx

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