Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Update from DQ

Geraldino is internet-less at the moment so, I have been asked to update the blog for those that desperate to pry into her life. Let's be honest, she isn't exactly prolific on the blogging front is she?

Anyway, things have not been great in Dino land. She had been experiencing a lot of pain in her foot and what sounded like shin splints type discomfort. She tried gritting her teeth and getting on with it but it was really too much for her and was really holding her back from making gains in stamina and fitness. So, she bit the bullet and went to see a Biomechanic. I love that title. Bio - mechanic. Am I the only one that comes over all sci-fi at the mention of Biomechanic? I digress. The Bio-technician (another good one!) looked her over for a while. Checked this and looked at that, and eventually came to the conclusion that she is deformed. She has the kness of a freak and weird toe joints. Not good.

The long and the short of it is that the Bio-boy reckons he can do some good and has cast her for orthotics. One's with a bit for the toes. He thinks that this should greatly improve the situation for her. I think as all runners would agree, there is nothing worse than having to run with pain and discomfort. It does not make for a good time out and is hardly going to make you want to go for another one anytime soon. All not very good at all when you are just starting out.

It should be about another two weeks before the inserts are going to be ready. In the mean time, herself has joined the gym at work and will be hitting the exercise bike, rowing machine etc. with great gusto from tomorrow onwards.

Of course, this all means that Troon and Barra are no more. It would be foolhardy for her to attempt these on almost no training at all. Any future outings in Race land will have to wait until the end of the year or, more probably, next year. She is hugely disappointed. I am sure that we can all sympathise as we have been there at some point or another.

So, Runner in the City is a walker for the next wee while. Here's hoping that the orthotics do the trick and that she will be back trooting along pretty soon.


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