Friday, 17 April 2009

First of all can I thank DQ for updating the blog during my brief period of internetless. Although can I just say that I am not deformed but a person with bio-mechanical difficulties.

As DQ explained I am off the trainers while a lab in NI scans the plaster cast of my foot with the bio-mechanical prescription to make my super duper insole. These insoles will allow me to fly like the wind and have Jez Bragg seeing only the back of my running jersey! Well, that is a tad ambitious but I have to justify the £300 I am spending on these insoles somehow, but just think how cool would it be if I could runner faster than Jez. I would get to be sponsored by North Face - oh imagine the jackets I would get never mind the bags - I could have one in every colour!

So, how come a princess who has never ran the length of herself is spending £300 on insoles? Now, do not get me wrong I have spent that region of cash on items for my feet before but that was for a pair of gorgeous knee high leather boots from New York with heels so high that they are only practicable for nights out when you are getting a limo everywhere. Hence, they are my limo boots but anyway I digress....

As a consequence of the bio-mechanical difficulties I am no longer running Troon 10K or the Barrathon and I have to say I am surprised just how disappointed that I am. When I first got the diagnosis and DQ explained that Barrathon was off I was adamant that I would be fine and I was quite nippy with him. It took me a few days to accept that he was completely right but I found it hard.

I am hopeful that the insoles help otherwise the trainers will need to be hung up. The bio man has recommended that I do not take part in aerobics, careful what swim strokes I do plus suggested that maybe I take up mountain biking again. However, I feel that I have not explored the runner in me yet. Plus I now have the incentive of securing that sponsorship deal.........


Mark said...

B-mechanical difficulties or deformed? We quibble over terms.

You are taking it on the chin kiddo and getting on with it. Proud of you.


Subversive Runner said...

Back to shopping for a while then,'s a hard life!!! Looking forward to seeing you and DQ next week.

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