Thursday, 25 March 2010

it has been a while..... say the least

I am a bit rubbish at the blogging thing

However, I have decided I better get with the programme so I can hopefully update my blog as I stumble, curse and pray my way along the WHW next week.

Yes, the Easter bunny is getting his glad rags on so that means that my walk in memory of Dario is just a few days away. Now I would like to say that I am fully prepared and the training has gone well, but well, that would be basically lies.

Prep commenced last night along with a trip to Tiso tonight for those little plastic bottles in a pathetic attempt to smuggle more toiletries into the rucksack that Mark is going to be carrying. he decided he should take most of the weight so we might be able to complete our miles for the day in the daylight!

Training has been well, it hasn't been. Yes, I am going to tackle 95 miles in 5 days with the only walking experience being around about 2 hours walk when I bought the boots last year. Still I am nothing but consistent at leaving everything to the last minute. It was the same approach to school exams, uni exams, work exams and now any sporting event I sign up for it. So far I have passed and finished everything so hopefully my determination not to let Dario down will get me through.

I have been thinking a lot about Dario this last week or so. Driving back from Prestwick the other week tears streamed down my face as I kept thinking I should be walking the route with him, not for him. I know it is nearly a year but I still want to scream at the unfairness of it. They say time heals but while I think it does help you cope better, the actual hurt at the loss never goes away.

However, Dario would not want me to get down about him but to enjoy myself. Just last weekend I thought he would appreciate yet another typical Geraldine escapade. As some of you may be aware I very badly injured my knee a couple of years ago, as in off work for months and help to go to the bathroom type injury. Since then there has been a few relapses, one just before Xmas so you would think this would have made me step away from the high heels, cava and dancing while spending the weekend in Madrid. No, once a few glasses of the bubbles hit and the music played I was straight onto the dancefloor, quite literally on the dancefloor!!!! Despite the naughty grape juice I still had the presence of mind to fall directly onto my knee rather than risk twisting it by trying to save it. Once I was up, I was straight back to the hotel for ice, rest and elevation.

It is very sore but the physio has looked at it and it appears no structural or ligament damage so I am still on the walk. I will be enjoying the view while taking over the counter drugs and trying to ignore Mark telling me that a sore knee is nothing (if you do not know what this refers to please view )

During the walk I will attempt the power of technology and try and provide updates and photos via this blog but I suspect it will probably be Mark providing the updates as I will be crying too much from the blisters to even speak. Although, and this is for you Debs MC, I will be listening to the Glee soundtrack so may find myself singing and dancing up the route!!!!

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