Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stan the man

thank you so much for getting me to the finish line of my first 10K in 1 hour 7 minutes!!

Run with the wind in Strathaven was a top notch running event but it was not all downhill and a piece of piss as quoted to me by pirate boy

The route did have a few inclines which unfortunately I did walk some of but it was a very cold and wet day.

Soup and a sandwich afterwards plus a catch up with Ian Beattie, Sharon Law, Tim Downie ( who was a brilliant support - thanks Tim) , the lovely Lee and pirate boy. A good day.

Mark was roped into marshalling and it did seem strange for me to be wearing the runner number and him in a bright yellow marshall top but hey sometimes it is refreshing to do something different.

Anyway I am away to eat a lovely big dinner as I have been running today - oh I quite like the sound of that!!!


Ian said...

well done Gealdine - excellent performance on your first 10k!

Ian said...

sorry, I meant 'Geraldine' - maybe shouldn't have had this glass of wine...

Subversive Runner said...

Top girl, Dino. Apart from those up hill bits, it was all down hill!!xx

Tim said...

Well done on your run yesterday Geraldine. Stan's time was 1:06:43 so I reckon you were sub 67!

Lee Maclean said...

Thats ma girl!!
1:06:42 chip time.
It was great to see your wee face when you crossed the line.
V emotional.
Pink bubbles went down a treat ;-)

Mrs Mac x

Davie said...

Hey Geraldine,
Good run!
WTF is Dave standing on to make him taller in that photo?

stanb said...

I saw your face when it was hurting and you still kept going, that was all about you.
Dingl, piece of piss as the pirate says.

Pair of Jimmy Choos from your partner?


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