Sunday, 18 January 2009

Running and Santa visting

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry it is has been a while since i updated this blog. Now, I would like to say that is because I have been too busy running but that is not the case. Sadly my training is not going well in fact so badly I am now signed up for the 5K on the 1st of March rather than the 10K.

The problem with my training was the festive season. I was too busy with lunches and buying pressies, then I came down the flu that was doing the rounds and then i was home in Uist for the New Year. I did manage a run on the beach in Uist and you can see the picture on this blog. However, despite the best of intentions I have not been at the gym much as I have changed jobs so busy settling in. No excuse as coach DQ would state and as always he is right.

Anyway, I am hoping to be fit enough for the 5K that I can at least manage a decent time . I just need to stop socialising. What I could do is misbehave in a bar in Edinburgh and get a ban then i would have no excuse not to go out running - of course i could always just exert some self control and say no to the glass of wine..and the 2nd....and the 3rd....


Subversive Runner said...

Aahh....the lovely Dino!!! I knew you might remember me! Listen woman....I manage to run AND maintain a healthy intake of wine, so since the female of the species are supposed to be expert at multi-tasking, we, The Family, expect more from our Princess.


Davie said...

Or you could take the advice an alcoholic would give you....... don't take the first drink and you cannae get drunk!

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